How to get free 10 GB cloud storage

Baga gammadan Gb 10 tolaan bilbila keessan irratti iddoo free ta’e storage kan iisiniif kennu danda’u appiin haaraa iisiniif dhufee jira. Kanaa booda faayiloota keessan kan bilbila keessanirraa iddoo qabachuun isin rakkisan akkasumas fayilaa akka hin banne barbaadan kan akka suuraa, video, dokumentootaa fi kkfn salphaatti Online irraa waggoota hedduuf dhoksee isiniif ka’uu kan danda’u app barbaachisaa ta’edha haaraa dhas Kanaaf buufadhaa.

Appiin kun box jedhama playstore irratti kan aargamu yoo ta’u free dha waan ta’eef Abbaan barbaadee download gochuun itti fayyadamuu ni danda’u link isa dhuma barrefama kana irratti argatu

Gb-1024 bilbila kee irratti argachuu ni barbaada/

Box for Android lets you view and share files from anywhere!

Winner of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award: “There are plenty of excellent file-syncing storage services, but, on Android, the Box app takes the cake.”

Securely store, manage and share all your files, photos and documents with 10GB of free cloud storage from Box.

With Box, you can easily:

  • Access and work on all your files at your fingertips
  • Access your content online, from your desktop, and on your Android phone or tablet
  • Share important documents, contracts, visuals and more
  • Preview 200+ file types with full screen quality
  • Give feedback from anywhere by commenting and mentioning colleagues and partners

Box for Android features:

  • 10GB of free cloud storage to back up all your docs
  • Upload PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photos, videos and other files to Box
  • View and print 200+ file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, AI, and PSD
  • File-level security controls
  • Offline access to files and folders
  • Share huge files with just a link – no need for attachments
  • Add comments to documents to send feedback
  • Real-time search
  • Search within PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word files
  • Updates feed to find recently viewed or edited files
  • Open files in hundreds of partner apps that let you annotate, e-sign, edit and more

Box helps you get work done on the go. It’s fast, secure and simple to use, so you can be productive from anywhere, which is the reason 57,000 businesses, including Eli Lilly and Company, General Electric, KKR & Co., P&G and The GAP securely access and manage their critical information with Box.

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