Fuula keenya gara feenetti kan jijjiiruu App face app Pro

Appii ajaa’iba ijjoollee fuudhee jaarsa godhu jaarsa immoo ijoollee godhu shamarran dhira fakkeessee warra areeda hin qabne areea bareeda ta’e itti gochuu danda’u app face app haaraa kan pro ta’e milikkita hin qabne fi beeksisa irraa bilisa ta’e kan wantii hundi appiicha keessatti argamu unlock ta’e sirriitti dalagu kunooti as website keenya dhuma barreeffama kanaa irratti ni argatu buufadhaa.


Miidhaginaa keenya irrati wantoota tokko tokko, rifeensa haaraa yoo uffatte, qeensa haaraa yoo uffatte ykn saala haaraa illee yoo uffatte maal fakkaatta jettee yaaddee beektaa? Bareedduu fakkaatta moo fuula bareedaa guutummaatti haaraa yeroo dheeraaf dhokatee ture of argatta? Moo filannoo biraatiin, fuula qoosaa ati illee eenyu akka ta’e adda baasuu dandeessu qabaattee dhumta?

Hayyee, appichi fayyadamtoonni isaa fuula isaanii irratti jijjiirama dachaa akka argatan waan taasisuuf gaaffii fi tilmaamni keessan hundi FaceApp jedhamu fayyadamuun furmaata argachuu danda’a. Kanaan, avatar kee isa dhugaa irratti elementoota fuula hedduu dabaluudhaan akkaataa itti mul’attu salphaatti jijjiiruu dandeessa. Rifeensa jijjiiruu irraa eegalee, umurii kee sirreessuu irraa eegalee, saala haaraa wajjin illee walsimsiisuutti, wanti hundi haala FaceApp haaraa keetiin baay’ee hawwataa fakkaata ture.

Appii kun Maal hojjeta?
Walumaagalatti, appichi meeshaa dhumaa fayyadamtoonni haala adda addaa keessatti of ilaaluuf gargaarudha. Meeshaalee adda addaa adda addaa kan kennu yoo ta’u, isaanis bifaafi bifa keessan jijjiiruuf itti fayyadamuu dandeessu. Kanaaf, salphaatti ofii kee isa haaraa ilaaluun gammachuu argachuu dandeessa, ykn jijjiirama tokko tokko irratti hundaaʼuudhaan bifa kee sirreessuudhaan akka waan guddaatti fudhachuu dandeessa.

Jalqabaaf, fayyadamtoonni akkaataa umurii haaraa, saala, akkaataa rifeensa isaanii, bifa fuula isaanii fi kkftiin bifa isaanii jijjiiruuf FaceApp fayyadamuu danda’u.

Have you ever wondered what will you look like if you put on certain makeups, new hairstyles, new beards, or even a new gender? Will you look prettier or find yourself a completely new beautiful face that were hidden for so long? Or alternatively, you’ll end up with hilarious faces that even you can recognize who it is?

Find out more about the amazing Android app from Face App Inc with our reviews.

What does it do?
Generally speaking, the app is the ultimate tool for users to check out themselves in different scenarios. It provides a variety of different tools, which can be used to change your looks and appearances. Hence, you can simply enjoy looking at your new self, or take it more seriously by adjusting your looks depending on certain changes.

To start with, users can make uses of FaceApp to change their looks according to their new ages, gender, hairstyles, facial features, and more. With the available options, it’s extremely easy for Android users to experiment new looks on themselves. Feel free to change your looks and have fun with certain settings in different scenarios.

Change background or adjust the filters
And for those of you who’re interested, the game also offers a variety of different backgrounds that you can pick up and put in the picture. This would completely change your surrounding atmospheres and make the images look different from one and the other. And with the color filters, lens blurring features, and many useful tools, you can easily change your faces with mind-blowing transformations. Keep experimenting and enjoying a variety of different filters as you explore the app.

Incredible changes that’s completely out of this world

Out of all the available customizations, you won’t find a crazier feature than this. That’s right, the app will even let you transform yourself from boys to girls, men to women, and vice versa. Here, you can finally see yourself in the image of the different gender, which is absolutely incredible. Change your looks and somehow find yourself oddly attractive with your new gender. Plus, you can now add a few tattoos to make your characters more awesome.

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