Barreeffama waraqaa irra jira salphaatti gara mobaayila tti kan deebisu

Barreeffama harkaan barreefame waraqaa jiri tokko gara dijitaalaa tti sekondii 5 gidduutti jijiruuf kan isiin gargaru app bareeda kanatti fayyafama haalli itti fayyadama isaas salphaa kan ta’edha wan barrulee irra jiru suuraa kaasuu qofatu isin irraa eegama sana booda salphaatti gara mobaayila keessanitti barrefama isa isiinif debbisa osoo hin barreesin suuraa irraa isiin fuudhee jechuudha!

Waan suuraa irra jiru barreeffama isa kooppii akka gootaniin yoo feetan Pdf tti jijiruu ni dandeessu jechudha! Maqaan app kanas IMAGE TO TEXT jedhama play store irratti ni argama kanaaf bakka As tuqa insatll jedhu tuquun buufachuu ni dandeessu!

Easily convert your handwritten notes to digital text using efficient algorithm!

Want to convert your handwritten notes into text? “Handwriting Recognizer” uses an extensive and intelligent OCR algorithm to convert handwritten notes into text format. All you need to do is upload the photo or click an image from the camera to get the handwritten notes recognized. This handwritten recognition app “Handwriting Recognizer” easily converts handwritten words into digital form in very less time.

This handwritten text recognition app “Handwriting Recognizer” can be both used for your personal and professional use. Just scribble the notes and later get them converted to digital text instantly. The app is very easy to use and is designed with an intuitive user interface. Get your own pocket-friendly hand recognizer app and reduce your effort to manually convert your notes into digital text.

FEATURES of this app

Looking out for more useful features to help you convert your text efficiently? Here are some of the exciting features of the “Handwriting Recognizer” app
Efficient and extensive OCR algorithm
100% accurate conversion
Instantly converts handwritten notes to digital text
Supports all documents uploaded as photos
User friendly interface
Fastest and most convenient way to convert your notes to text
1 click text conversion and save in memory
The app efficiently recognizes the handwritten text using its efficient algorithm and converts them into digital notes in no time. If you like scribbling and often lose your notes, then this app is perfect for you. Get all your scribbled notes converted to digital notes instantly and save them on your device. The app is perfect and useful for everyone from students to teachers to professionals or to keep track of your household work.

Handwriting Recognizer” app uses the most efficient OCR (Optical character recognition) algorithm to recognize the handwriting and extracts them from the scanned photo to convert it into digital editable text. You can then use this to search for any text, make edits and add new texts to existing ones. Just upload the photo or scan the document using your camera and see the magic happen!

We are constantly working hard on making this handwriting recognizer app “Handwriting Recognizer” better and more useful for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have had great experience with Handwriting Recognizer

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