Nokia launcher on smartphone

Mobaayila tachii smartphone keessan system Nokia dhan ykn launcher nokia kan duriin fayyadamu yoo feetan appiin kun kan keessan salphaatti yaadannoo amma dura kan waggoota 10 duriitti debi’u ni dandeessu!

Travel back to your Classic Nokia Year 1995-99 Days & cherish your memories.

I have added 6 different classic Nokia models (simulators) to choose from. So, you won’t miss your good old first phone. Classic Nokia Boot Sequence added, so you will feel the simulator booting with classic Nokia hands joining and the ringtone of it.

This is the classic Nokia 1997 (3310, 3210) simulator for Nokia Home Screen and Classic Games such as Snake Game, Space Defence, Car Race and Wall Breaker.

Indulge yourself with your old Nokia 1997 days, I’m sure every one of us carries very good nostalgic moments with our old days Nokia phones having classic illuminated screens and are generally quite big, sturdy and breaks our floor if it’s dropped from our hands. 🙂

Apart from the classic games, the app will give an in-depth experience of old Nokia mobiles through not only looks but also the same way of navigating between screens, options, and settings.

I have added Leaderboard and Achievements to make the game even more social, exciting and engaging.

I kept one thing in mind when I designed and developed this game, that is to keep the same user experience as of our Nokia models, as a result, you will have,

  1. Nokia Home Screen with Time Display
  2. Menu Screens
  3. Options
  4. Classic Snake Play with Labyrinth ON/OFF
  5. Up to 5 Speed Levels for classic snake game
  6. Space Defence Game (A Space Shooter Game)
  7. Car Racing (A Retro Styled Racing Game)
  8. Wall Breaker (Another Classic Game we used to rock)
  9. Totally 6 different Nokia Models to chose from (You can download your preferred theme)
  10. You can enter your own welcome text to keep it on the home screen
  11. You can choose wallpapers for the simulator home screen
  12. Boot sequence added, so you feel more realistic Nokia experience
  13. Numerous achievements to unlock as you play the game, you can also see the leaderboard worldwide to find out where you stand in the land of classical Nokia games

I’m planning to add more such Nokia Old Days Games, but I would need your valuable inputs and comments to better the app.

Go ahead, install the app, play yourself, get drenched in your old school days Nokia memories. And Don’t forget to rate the game and leave your valuable comments. I’m always a mail away, you can drop me your suggestions too.

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